Finding freedom again

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I received a message from a friend recently who writes;

“I’m feeling caged coz of public perception and media stopping my natural expression. How do I get my freedom back?”

Dear Freedom Seeker,

How do you get your freedom back?

You must CHOOSE it. You are the creator….don’t forget that. Reclaiming your power is a process of firstly, realising you HAVE power and then taking the necessary action (with courage) to claim it.

Have you given your power away - to someone or something?

When we give energy (time, money, resources) to anyone or anything misaligned to our truth it spirals us into feelings of confinement, insecurity and self doubt. Why? Because we’re moving away from our core truth, the ‘centre’ of who we are! We’re placing our energy away from our priorities. What are your goals? Are you giving energy to people, jobs or places that don’t align to your core values?

Who are you?

If you don’t know WHO you are — people will decide for you. The ‘universe’ or deeper part of our psyche calls us to further KNOW and claim that which we are. So, who are we? What are our values …and what do they mean?

What are you here to do, Mr Freedom Seeker? And what do you WANT to do?

How are you being held back? Who holds you back? Sounds like some sort of secret, deep self sabotage. You’re already an epic creator so it seems strange that part of your holographic (the world you see based on your perception) is restricting itself. Why? Are you holding yourself back? Are you ready to fully embody your truth? Perhaps you fear the media or public will not accept you. Do you fully accept yourself? Can you be SEEN for ALL that you are.

Being authentic should be easy!

Surround yourself with quality over quantity. Keep close people who KNOW the true you. Your inner circle, family and friends - who love you and encourage you. When we feel loved and accepted at a deep level we don’t care what others think…..when we feel a deep sense of love for the self NOTHING can stop us. We meet our challenges with a sense of amusement.

I mean, it’s all easier said than done, right! These were my first thoughts when I read the message…hope that helps. It’s based on my own experiences, keep that in mind too. Could be totally different truths for you.

Oh shit, forgot to add…

What do freedom mean to you? How does it look and feel?