Self Exploration Guide

Having the courage to explore inwardly is the greatest adventure one can take in a lifetime.
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Photography by Tim Campbell Photo

Photography by Tim Campbell Photo

Hey, I'm Paisley

A passionate, positive, pocket-rocket dedicated to helping you rediscover your greatness through meditation, ITA Energy Medicine, and mentoring. 

I am passionate about the study of consciousness - understanding the BIG picture - the Truth to this human experience. 

You might relate to this...but for most of my life I found myself feeling lost - asking questions like; Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life?  What's the point of this existence? 

Having this natural curiosity has lead me down an exciting, challenging and satisfying path.

Sure, there are times in my life when it would be easier to run away to a remote tropical island and live off-grid like some exotic gypsy - but in reality, this would hardly satisfy my desire to create real change and positively influence those around me. 

Although my truth is forever evolving as I grow and learn each day - the one thing I know for sure is that we all carry the potential to BE truly EXCEPTIONAL! 

So stick around and give it your best shot. It is possible to find inner-peace - even in the most hectic, chaotic places of our world.  Choose to become a brave explorer and find out who you really are - and how you can be of service to the world and all your loved ones within it!  


Always explore

I was five years old when I first traveled overseas. My parents took me to Bali, Indonesia where I celebrated my 5th birthday. My parents gifted me with the belief that I could travel freely and experience all that the world has to offer. Since then, I have traveled around Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and the United States. 

Why do I love to travel?

  • The world is incredible - it literally takes my breath away. Expansive views remind me of the infinite possibilities of our existence.

  • I'm curious about human beings. Like, how do we even exist?! We're a miracle. Travel is a global university that gives us an informal degree in anthropology and psychology.

  • Culture baby! I love to experience something new - something that will challenge my current belief system and POP my little Perth city 'bubble'.

  • Accountability. The desire to travel freely motivates me to make money creativity and quicky! Choose a career that will give you flexibility so you can be more spontaneous.

Know yourself

If you bump into me on the street - I am a five-foot-four, coffee drinking, fashion lovin', Bulldog walking, outgoing and a little flirty - woman in her twenties.mI am also a deeply spiritual person. 

I believe spirituality is state of being. It's about recognising that we are 'one within the one'. Feeling and knowing that something extraordinary exists and then being curious and brave enough to investigate. 

For me, being spiritual is a commitment to know and demonstrate Absolute Truth and Love in this lifetime. Each day, my practice (Mahat Meditation) is a constant reminder of what is real and right for me in this present moment. 

I began meditating early in life and furthered my studies in more recent times with the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC). I am grateful to have spent time learning from and traveling with my friend and the founder, Melaney Ryan. Melaney's teachings, centred around the understanding of energy and consciousness, have largely impacted my perspective and the line of work which I share with you today. 

What else? Well, it's not uncommon to find me engaging in existential conversations...I did study philosophy and communications! You may also hear me sharing thoughts around astrology (I'm a Taurus sun with a Virgo moon and pieces rising), crystals, essential oils, herbal remedies, tarot and the like!

P.S if you like astrology check out my sassy friend and fellow Mahat - Melanie Dufty. 


Be grateful for every opportunity

I was born into an abundant Western World. I attended a private school and studied at university for six years graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Marketing. I job hopped and then started my own business in social media marketing. I have taken every single opportunity that has come my way.

I acknowledge how lucky I am to be born in this day and age. I acknowledge that I have a choice. I acknowledge that the world doesn't stop when I die. I dream big, I believe the world is a good place. I believe we can make positive change and that change begins within. 

I enjoy little luxuries and beautiful things (perhaps it's the Taurus in me...). I invest in active-wear and attend trending fitness classes (yes, I have tried naked yoga...). My favourite place to stretch, sweat and simply breathe is the Mind Body Heart Studio owned by my fit friend and fellow Mahat, Nat Amar. 

I enjoy eating breakfast out (mmm, smash avo!), documenting my life via social media (even my French bulldogs have IG @bishopnbuffy) and working from funky cafes.



Tier 1 & Tier 2 - Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Practitioner - Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC)

ITA Learn to Meditate Facilitator - MRIAC

Mahat Meditation  - Level One, Two, Three & Four - MRIAC

Masters of Marketing - University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Arts (Communications & Philosophy) - University of Western Australia

Graduate certificate in TV Presenting -  TV Pro Global  

proud moments

Sports Captain, High School. I was the first female sports cpt for our school! Girl Power!

Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award, Australian Defence Force

President, Uni Camp for Kids Children's Charity

Completing a full marathon, Perth City to Surf

Becoming a sole trader, Perth Socialight - social media marketing

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, 5,895 m high and bloody cold!



@paisleymadison - I believe in using social media for the power of good - to share, inspire, connect, entertain, support and educate. join me on my adventures!