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“Couldn’t recommend Pais enough!!
She did a REMOTE session on me when I was living in Sydney from her home in Perth (Amazing, I know) and completely flipped my somewhat sceptical perception of ITA practices. She intuitively picked up on physical symptoms (I had a blocked sinus at the time that she mentioned straight away) and my emotions, which absolutely blew my mind. I felt grounded and blissed out, for a while after the session. She explained where I was at and set me easy tasks that I still use to this day to reconnect with myself or to simply balance all the different elements within myself. Something shifted in the way I look at things & Paisley planted that seed. Love your work :) Sam”


“Through each session I experience a journey that gives me a greater understanding and knowledge to my true self, aligns and rebalances my energy, and allows me to refocus on my goals. Paisley’s warm nature and inviting personality makes me feel supported while relaxed.”


“What an amazing experience! Paisley is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable with her Energy Medicine practice.
I was a little unsure about what to expect on my first Energy Medicine session. When I arrived, I instantly felt calm within the comfortable, warm and peaceful setting. The room had lovely decorations and essential oil aromas.
Paisley explained the whole process to me from the beginning. I understood that the session was individually set to my own needs. During my energy medicine session, I felt that it was led by my feelings and thoughts which wouldn’t have been possible without Paisley’s facilitation. I found this was the most fascinating and unique experience which one could only really appreciate when trying it themselves. The hour-long session was enjoyable, relaxing and went surprisingly quickly.
I would say if you’re thinking about giving it a go, just do it and you won’t regret it. I really believe it can help with anything that may be concerning you at present in any way. For myself, my session really helped bring out and resolve what was bugging me deep down. My worries and stressors were resolved. I felt rejuvenated, restored and confident moving forwards.

At the end of the session, Paisley provided me some things to take home. She explained the importance and meaning of them and how to apply them to my life. This made sense to me in relation to my goals. Overall, my session benefited me positively and I would highly recommend it.”


“Like most people I had no idea about ITA until I met Paisley. There is an authentic and special energy about her and I felt we connected straight away. Leading up to my first session with her I did not know what to expect but I was open and ready for anything. I had a couple of issues I wanted us to work on and instantly I felt the energies flowing and shifting in my body. The next day I could already feel the benefits of our session. It is a very personal and mesmerizing experience. I surprised myself and I would recommend to all.”


“I met Paisley when she stayed at my house on her way back from Kenya after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. She was so fun and funny to be around. She introduced to the power of positive thinking when she explained how she used her mind and breathing to get her up the mountain.

I was going through terrible social issues at school that were really affecting my life. she gave me an ITA session in the morning oh the day she left to go back home to Australia. She accessed pressure points over my whole body. I saw all these amazing images behind my eyes and these insane colours and shapes. When Paisley finished I felt 10 times taller , lighter and I felt as if I had clarity over my whole life. I felt so connected to myself and to the things around me.

Paisley is probably the most amazing person I have ever met. The ITA session has honestly changed my way of life. It has changed my understanding of life and the things around me ... I cannot say thank you enough to her because I am a more happy , healthy and a positive person thanks to Paisley.

I think everyone deserves to experience the life lessons and experiences Paisley has to offer. I speak to Paisley constantly now and she always gives me clarity on situations and more depth behind situations and thinking.Her sessions are life changing , give yourself a chance to have your life changed in ways you cannot even being to imagine. Thank you so much Paisley”


I can't recommend Paisley high enough as a practitioner of ITA and a facilitator of ITA Learn to Meditate. Paisley's view of the world and how she conducts herself in life is something that I feel so many of us can learn from, she certainly walks her talk and is a living example of truth. She's an extremely personable and authentic practitioner and she's a natural teacher...she's certainly got a lot to offer and does so with humility and grace.


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Photography by Tim Campbell Photo

Photography by Tim Campbell Photo