Weekly online group meditation

Join us once a week for an online meditation with students from around the world! 

How does it work? 

Once a week, Paisley will offer a discussion for 15 minutes including question time, followed by a group meditation practice. It’s vitally important to practice consistently and regularly as repetition will not only train the mind but strengthen the energetic muscles - this is our Energy Gym!

In our weekly group meditations, we will be practising techniques covered in the ITA Learn to Meditate course as well as learning new techniques including -

  • Lifting the Light Frequency Meditation

  • Balancing Cellular Memory Meditation

  • Heart Channels Meditation

  • Kidney Cleansing

  • CV/GV Breathing

  • Manifestation Technique

  • Relaxation Meditation

  • Inner Smile - Expansion ......and more!

These online meditations are utilising the group energy to fuel experiences within our lives and to fuel positive qualities within ourselves and our loved ones. 

Time and date

Tuesday Morning 6:30AM - 7:25AM

Thursday Evening 7:00PM - 7:55PM

How much does it cost? 

AU$10 per class. You can purchase these meditation classes in a package of 4 or 10.

Each meditation intake will be offered in a block of classes. This structure is to encourage discipline and commitment within your meditation practice.

How do I join the meditations? 

Once your purchase has been made, you’ll receive an email with a password to login into the Student dashboard. We will be using zoom.us as the online platform to bring students together.

Register by purchasing the product below:

** Please note: This is for ITA Learn to Meditate students only. To register for ITA Learn to Meditate click here.