Sharing and creating happiness

I came across some old school hate mail in my Facebook inbox…

It was awesome and sparked a total fire inside my being that exploded into a public sharing and awareness of mental health and online bullying.

Why do we bully? Why are we nasty? Why can’t we be happy for others?

Jealousy. Sticky, yucky, looming, spiralling green envy….. What is it? And why do we get it?

I remember being envious and frustrated at others. For me, jealousy was mostly related to love — boyfriends, crushes, partnership. I was obsessed with finding my soul mate (lol, cute…what’s new). It was something I CRAVED, an experience I wanted to have, yet, something I felt I was lacking. Then as I started to grow older I became envious of entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners who were travelling the world, living their passions and drinking coffee until midday. I watched them earn money, live lightly, CREATE and build communities of adoring like-minded friends. It pissed me off…… I’d see ideas I’d dreamed about/ different ventures comes to life before my eyes and I kept thinking I was ‘too late’, ‘too slow’ and it felt impossible. Yet…. I couldn’t deny thinking, “that should’ve and could’ve been Me!”.

I wondered if I could ever truly be happy for others. Could his/her win be my win? When would I get my ‘thing’, ‘my turn!’………. and I wanted to find a place of genuine happiness for others.

Well, I can tell you this with an honest heart — I haven’t felt jealousy for A LONG TIME! Seriously, not a jealous bone in my body… not ever, not any more.

So, what changed?

MY PERSPECTIVE. Self worth, feelings of success, security, self confidence, acceptance and GRATITUDE.

We hear these words all the time…classic cliches. But trust me, they come to life when you begin to embody what they mean — and when you feel them, you’ll start to realise that everything begins within!

Below are some of the tools I used to help shift my perspective from jealous and bitter to uplifted and inspired.

“What sort of love is permeated by jealousy? You are jealous because you are unaware that everything you need is inside you” - Peter Deunov

ITA Energy Medicine - a different perspective

When I turned 22, I began studying Mahat Meditation and ITA Energy Medicine with Founder and 4th generation energy worker, Melaney Ryan. Everyday I studied hard and I was disciplined in my practice of meditation. I put HOURS into thinking, feeling and trying to understand the world around me and my place in it. I grounded like a mofo and gave myself time to apply these new tools and techniques, process the response/results and integrate new leanings. Hence, all the journaling!!!!! GET AROUND IT!!!

Being authentically YOU

One of my favourite tools shared by Melaney is the IAM/ IAM NOT technique.

In short, this principle explores WHO we are and WHO we’re not. It’s also about exploring WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME (or fundamentally, who you’ve always been — at the core). The thing is….. if we don’t know WHO we are, people will often tell us, shape us and mould us ….and before we know, we’re someone else’s weird and wacky creation.

By taking the time to develop ourselves — we take full responsibility WITH clarity for our Being. Not only that, we can CHOOSE who we become. And it’s fun!!

When we know ourselves and align to our values we can STAND TRUE to who we are. When we stand in truth we’re no longer pulled by self doubt and insecurity. Either WE ARE what others say or…. WE ARE NOT. It’s really that simple. And it’s alllllllll our choice!


What are we made of?

Flesh, blood, water…. but more than that ….

We are all of our life experiences, belief systems and memories poured into Being.

We’re also the best and worst parts of our parents — genetically, whether we like it or not! Yep, someone created YOU until you chose to RECREATE yourself (weirddddd).

In ITA, we believe we are all the lessons learnt and un-learnt from our family lineage as well as lifetimes of experiences and existences. So yes, that’s a-lot-a-layers of beliefs, traumas, cultures, religions, gender, sexuality…. you get the point. Which is why self development is a never ending process of peeling back layers.

Who are we at the core? It’s a bloody good question. One worth investigating if you ask me!

So, who the bloody ‘ell are ya? Here’s a nice exercise to find out….

I call it ‘quality shopping’ - but the philosophy itself does not belong to me. Basically, you use your external reality as a projection/mirror— observing all the qualities you are/you are not. When we witness the world around us it gives us a moment to CONSCIOUSLY observe the external influences that may be shaping who we are becoming.

Why do I dress like that? Why do I struggle with money? Why am I lacking confidence? Why don’t I like exercise? Why do I talk in such a manner? …….

Take yourself ‘quality shopping’ - observe WITH YOUR EYES and feel WITH YOUR GUT qualities in others that could be in you. What aspects would you like to embody and what aspects would you like to move away from? It’s simply a matter of observation and action.


When we understand that WE ARE THE CREATORS of our experience, we realise we have CHOICE and that gives us POWER. We become the ‘directors of the movie’….. the good and the bad! We take responsibility for the world we see.

So, what do you see in your external reality? What’s happening in your movie? Who are the characters? What’s the ‘story’? 'What’s the theme? …. you get the point.

LONG STORY SHORT - when you see other’s achieving, lifting, succeeding, glowing, going, dancing, prancing, loving - take these moments an opportunity to realise the potential and possibility for your own existence. Ask questions, observe and feel what it would be. This is the beginning of manifestation or visualisation and empathy!

‘You spot it - you got it!’ as my good friend, Melanie says!

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