World Mental Health Day 2018


Errybody be posting about World Mental Health day .. and it’s got me thinking. What can we do to help ourselves and help others? I ask my late brother this question and the answer the echoes back is COMMUNITY + CONNECTION.

Be a friend. Give yourself and others the gift of unconditional love and laughter. Key word here - UNCONDITIONAL! Friends don’t judge, they don’t demand, they don’t drain... they refill, recharge and respect one another. Share the load, lift a life. Never give up on your TRUE mates - reinforce their truth EVERYDAY. Remind them why they’re loved and what makes them unique.

I’ve always been a pretty isolated hermit type haha ...and I really do enjoy spending time alone. But being wrapped up in my own world, ‘my Bubble’ meant I was missing out on shared experiences with close friends and family...moments I cannot get back.... and also moments of HUGE GROWTH (your true mates are your mirrors). Don’t miss a moment.

Call your mates when you’re walking to your car... even just leave your name on their missed call list. Rock up to a mates house unannounced just because you CAN! (Bring chocolate, obviously). Smile at strangers and ask their name ... even if you forget 2 mins later 😄.

Its about telling another soul - I SEE YOU, YOU EXIST AND YOU MATTER.

Do this everyday, without hesitation. Role Model your truth - be honest! Raw honesty let’s your mates know you care and that it’s OK to be povo, confused, tired, battling, fuqing annoyed, depressed, anxious.... you get the point. You cannot help others with a “me first” mentality.

You might help yourself ... but you’ve kinda just missed the point of this living, loving shared existence thing.... 🌍#soulfamily

Paisley MadisonComment