Never underestimate the power of friendship

Paisley & Georgina.jpg

Thank you - for holding my hand and hugging me tight when I needed it most. Thank you for making me smile and laugh when I didn’t think it possible. Thank you for your gentle heart and for your strength.

I feel graced by the universe to have received the sad news while standing by your side and I just wanted to say thank you. You held space for me and I’ll never forgot it. 💗♥️

We’ve been friends since Year 1, and those roots run deep. Now I know, now I remember what true friendship feels like! Completely unconditional and vulnerable.

All you really need in life is one True friend... and trust me, it really can make all the difference. Share the load! Show up. Even a quick call or text can make such a significant difference to someone’s day and state of mind 🙏 

Never underestimate the power of friendship.