Use your voice - speak up, speak out!

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🙇🏼‍♀️I wrote this post about a month ago when things were feeling tough. I could see my brother, parents and even close friends struggling to cope. And at times, I felt I was at an absolute emotional capacity. I didn’t share it ..... I remember thinking people would probably think I was being dramatic. But now I really give zero fucks hahaha so here ya go. Use your voice. Speak up & speak out 👊

02/07/18 .....I’m not always on a high (as it may sometimes appear) but these days I’m never on a low. I used to love feeling the lows ... the “pits of despair” as a couple friends and I call it.. the moments of sad sobs listening to sad music .. thinking life was hard. Googling how to become a monk or runaway and live with no money. We all know someone suffering with mental health and most of us have had experiences ourselves. The most important thing to remember is We have choice - choice to love, unconditionally and choice to trust, in the Absolute. Money, people, jobs, dogs, houses, marriages ... they come and they go. Each day we live moves us forward whether we like it or not. Find peace in each moment of each day day by forgiving yourself and loving those around you ... whoever they are. Whoever you choose to spend time with.

📸: by Tim Campbell