Better out then in!

You say I live in a ‘bubble’ that I haven’t had it hard... I’m lucky, SO ‘lucky’ and everything is handed to me. ‘Happy family’ .... humour me. And that fuqing annoys me!!! Couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the sound of bitterness and jealousy. And it came from someone I knew, a friend ... actually. And it reminded me, of the TRUE work. The real work, hard work, that happens within. Everyone has mental health ... just like everyone has physical health. Happiness is an INTEGRATED approach. So don’t tell me, in fact, don’t tell anyone what’s good or bad. Pain, stress, heartbreak... it’s all relative. We will ALL have our challenges, our hard days and big decisions... it’s how we grow. And yes, they can come ANY TIME! It’s part of our unique unfolding. What you see here, is someone empowered with CHOICE. And it’s hard work, everyday to choose to be positive. Our super human power is EMPATHY. An ability to understand and connect to each other from a place of similarity. YES, I get it .... we ALL live completely different lives.... but our emotional needs are the same. We all want to be loved, accepted, seen, heard and felt. Against all odds, regardless of our ‘complex’ lives, languages and cultures ... we CAN respect. We’ve gotta move from an ‘I’ to a ‘we’ mentality because we’re all in this together. So yes, life will feel ‘hard’ if you’re self centred because you think you’re the ONLY one. Imagine if we were quick to love, like we’re quick to judge. Sometimes life surprises us with truly shit and shocking experiences .... and that sucks but we still have a choice HOW we respond. And sometimes we choose the shit shocking experiences whether we’re conscious or not... ‘The universe doesn’t grace you once you know better’re only fooling yourself..’ - words from my wise teacher. So, if you’re feeling jelly or triggered by someone - cheer up and choose otherwise. You control how you feel.

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