How to predict your future

We spend a lot of time searching outwardly for answers regarding love, money, work, and relationships.

Will we be rich, happy, good-looking and successful? Will we meet our soul mate, get married - have children? Will we own our own home, our own business, and car? Will we live long, will we be healthy, will we change the world?


These are the sort of questions that can keep us awake at night. The sort of questions that send us on an emotional rollercoaster – feeling hopeful one minute and doubtful the next.  

It’s only natural, right? Life can be daunting AND frustrating when we don’t know where we’re going or what might happen…

But when you think about it - that's what makes this life so damn exciting! 

When we embrace the unknown – we begin to realise that we can’t know the future simply because it doesn’t exist!

It’s the choices we make right now – that determine who we are – and who we will become.

Once we know this, we can begin to create our future consciously (rather than anticipate it helplessly).


Go on a journey and discern along the way. Love, laugh, cry with happiness, pause in amazement…  surprise yourself!

Find a way to express your uniqueness and individuality to yourself, to friends, and to the world.

Discover what truly moves you and how can you turn that passion into a fulfilling life mission.