Why platonic intimacy is better than sex

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➿Platonic intimacy: the act of making yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically vulnerable to your friends.
#TryitSomeTime 👍

I’ve been thinking about this concept A LOT lately - how much sense it makes - to let go of expectations and just LOVE. It’s the one thing we all desire. To give love and be loved.

I’ve never held myself back from love, in fact, I fall in love way to easy .... 😄🤦‍♀️ I think I fall in love with someone new every single day. Maybe it’s the way they dress, their charisma, their style, confidence, the way they do business, their desire to do-good, create change, live passionately, express themselves..... you get point.

It’s a funny thing, love. We often associate love with dating, marriage, family and babies (or was that just me.... 😄🙄) rather than realising it’s true form. For me, love is an acknowledgement of Truth. It’s something we see, feel, sense and know when we acknowledge the greatness or divinity in another soul. It’s like one soul saying to another,

“WOW - I see you there - and you’re fuqing awesome, and I love you and all that you are.”

I feel such an amazing sense of freedom when I live life like this. Loving with no expectation - just because I can - because it feels good - because you deserve it- because you and I, we’re loveable. When was the last time you said it?

Give up the tough-guy approach and let love in. Say it - see what happens. Tell your mates you love them - tell someone of the opposite sex/orientation you love them without expectation. Let that shit shock the belief system outa someone! Reprogram yo self to care less and love more. Bring back the platonic intimacy that we all desperately need!! 😂😍

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