Welcoming wonderfully weird 2019!

Every week, at 8pm on Thursday nights for the last year, I’ve met with a group of individuals from around the globe to meditate online.... no matter what, we show up.

We live in different cities, come from different cultures and have totally unique lives.

But... it doesn’t matter much. We’re more alike than we are different.

We’re all challenged and called to make meaning of our existence. We all want love and seek depth in our connections to people, places and the world around us.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of who you think you might/should be.

Get weird, get wonderful! Find people who embrace, encourage and celebrate YOU for who you are. Judge less and just be.

Stop wasting time worrying about what people might think and instead - show them what’s important.

Demonstrate something of value. Create something of value. Speak something of value. FEEL something of value.

New year, same truth.

Wake up, it’s 2019!!!!!!!

Paisley MadisonComment