Mentally retired

We know we will die
but we doubt that it’s true
We don’t believe the echoes,
the memories of light.
Time is the rat race -
and we quit the illusion.
We work hard enough to
retire the mind.
The view is amazing!
Seasons are just colours
Each breath is grace
a moment of respect
We inhale each other
And travel with laughter
Elemental foreplay turn ourselves on.
Every cell
atomically, harmoniously euphoric.
We cum with the sun
and birth ourselves to remember
We’re passionate about being
and create what we feel
A lifestyle funded with intentions
Our routine’s an attitude
we practise everyday.
An investment of wisdom,
to leave in the will
The stars will be proud.
An abundance of everything,
we created from nothing...
we leave to you.
Because we’ve come to realise,
We must be rich,
to Rest In Peace.
So die alive
And live in the art
From one heart to another,
A legacy of truth

Paisley MadisonComment