Letting go to let be

I hope you enjoy whatever this is. I can't say what it means exactly and I don't know if it will even make sense to another individual - but it's come from a feeling I've been experiencing for some time. Not just with my brother passing away, but well before that. The first half was actually written more than six months ago... and left unfinished. Not sure why or how it came about…  but it was sitting in my drafts and I had the urge to finish it off.

For me, Letting go is about releasing expectations and just allowing myself to be held in the arms of something greater. It’s absolute trust and faith that no matter what happens - I am always supported and loved. If everything fell away, could I stand alone?

I think it’s true to say, ‘less is more’. After enduring such a great loss recently, I’ve come to realise that it is simply my Choice how I choose to perceive the depth I feel. Some choose to see it as absolute despair and misery, but for me, it feels like the truest, most raw sense of love I have ever known.  

Letting go brings a deeper sense of respect between individuals. Understanding that everything and everyone plays a perfect role, regardless of our ability to know and understand it at that time. And with that understanding comes forgiveness and when we forgive others and we forgive ourselves we find an authentic sense of peace.

My brother, Jesse and I

My brother, Jesse and I

Letting go

It’s a funny moment when you Know.

Your stomach drops and times moves slow.

Caught by surprise, systems in shock,

palms get sweaty and airways lock.

And in that stillness resides a truth,

A beating heart, flashbacks from youth.

I see your eyes as they fall into mine,

A soul contract agreed and signed.

It’s easy to forget when we’re human -

These lifetimes we share in love and union.

Some place, somewhere we made a vow -

And so it is, right here, right now.

I know the choice was not just yours,

But now I see, stop and pause.

There is a loss and there is a gain,

in duality and in my brain.

But at my core in the empty space -

resides a depth of wisdom and grace.

Letting go, I see what’s here -

simply a choice between love and fear.

Though I cannot see you - the line is strong,

One with heaven, where we all belong.

Up there, out there, whatever they say,

Heavens on Earth each and every day.

And I've seen it to, that place you go -

I’m here with you now, just so you know.