Fast friends

Fast friends🏳️

I find myself explained.

Driving fast,

Faster then I have before.

Creativity explodes through my veins.

I see the part of myself I reserve.

It’s not polite, not lady like.

Violent expressions of interest

Relentless, forward, irritated, impatient.

I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

We swear, we swerve, we shout.

Finally we get the finger.

People are pissed off too.

I like it

I like the passion, the gesture,

Almost good will.

We know our next stop,

we know where we want to be...

Do you?


It’s dark, there’s no view now-

Speed and accuracy

take us where we need to be.

I like the excitement, the thrill.

It reminds me of good times

& new experiences.

I’m starting to feel comfortable here.

I feel most alive in these moments,

& I’m not afraid.

It’s stupid, but it’s true.

I got stoned the other night

And broke my wrist snowboarding.

I laughed, a lot.

I can’t feel upset.

I tried, but it wasn’t there.

The pain was seperate to me,

In fact, I enjoyed the experience,

It was interesting.

I felt myself more deeply,

A sick investigation of my own potential.

Where did she go?

Do I need her?

The left hand is learning fast,

We adapt quickly.

In fact, I’m typing this with my left hand....

My right watches on like a lazy swan.

Let’s give the dominant, coordinated, responsible side a rest.... see what happens.

Wrapped up in white, sent off to looney bin.

Who’s the crazy one, now?

I’m trying something new.

balancing out the scales.



I traded summer for winter,

English for Italian,

Right for ....left.

When was the last time you changed gears?

Paisley MadisonComment