Welcome to the game of life!

Flashback to the 90's - playing on the playground with my dad and brothers at the local park. 

Flashback to the 90's - playing on the playground with my dad and brothers at the local park. 

I like to think of life as a game, created by an Omnipotent force - all knowing, seeing and feeling. With unlimited power, it creates the natural order (rules), distributes the challenges and keeps everything in perfect balance. 

You can call this Supreme Being whatever you like - God, Buddha, Magic Pony, Big Brother...

At the end of the day, everything the Supreme Being does - every action - comes from a place of love. It even grants us free-will to make decisions about the lives we live and people we choose to become. 


Will you become a Picasso or finger painter? Will you sing in the shower or sing on Broadway? 

The moment we took our first breath we stepped into the Game of Life - to master that which we haven't mastered before, to grow virtuously and to experience a deep sense of love and unity. 

So, how many lives has it taken us to get to this point in the time?

I believe we each have a destiny - a role to step into and step-up too. It's magnificent. It's YOU - being the greatest and purest version of yourself. It's YOU without fear, without worry - living simply, in Truth. 

Our destiny is our passion, our strength, and wisdom. It's our gift back to the world (to our friends, family and all of humanity) for the gift of life. So yes, it's our job and career ...and chances are it will make you *filthy rich! (*Rich in every abundant way to known to humanity). 


It's a subtle magnet pull to experiences and feelings that we can't quite explain. Creativity, love, and laughter - an inner acknowledge you're on the right path. 

Being confident is simply self-belief - if you believe you can - you will. 

Let your intuition be loud. Let it be wild and free. Let it send you on an adventure of a lifetime.

It's your choice.