Dare to do it different

Image by Tim Campbell Photo

Image by Tim Campbell Photo

You cannot find the meaning of your life because You are it.

I have meditated my whole life.

In different places, spaces and mind frames -

At least once a day, and in many different ways!

I knew meditation was powerful - I could see, feel, sense and know my own growth. 

However, it has only been in the last month that I’ve come to realise how much meditation (and ITA energy medicine) has dramatically shifted my perceptions and strengthened my entire core Being.

It’s true what they say, you teach what you need to learn.

And I am thankful in ways I cannot describe for following my gut and empowering myself with tools to get me through tough times!

If there's one piece of advice I could share from this experience it's this -

Learn how to empower yourself, to understand your mind, to find people who can give you the right tools and then practise using them.

Do the work - for yourself, for your family, for your friends and for your future generations.

If you’re 'living your best life' and everything is peachy don't stop the work ….journal, reflect and meditate.

Become the observer of your life - view it, understand it, question it. Then become the director of your life - change it, action it, be it.

What I know for sure about this kinda work is that it's something that has to be experienced to be understood and believed. Life's little miracles are missed by those who doubt they exist. 

Have a brave heart and pursue something new - try something a little different. Change doesn’t come from doing the same shit day in day out.

And there you go - some thoughts that come from Monday-itis. Time to clock off ;)

ITA Learn to Meditate Course - October

If you’re reading this like, YASSSSSSS! Then you should think about signing up for my next ITA Learn to Meditate course in October.

I’ll be sharing the tools that have held me together over the last month, the tricks to creating a meditation habit that ‘sticks’ and showing how you to actively use meditation to increase your intuitive, align your body and mind, manifest the things you need and bring you closer to understanding your passions and purpose.