Back packin' Italy with my parents

What more do I need to say? Other than it was the opportunity of a lifetime with the sort of memories you treasure forever. We had no plan. Just a flight in/ out of Milan and 30 days to explore the motherland.

And explore we did…. both our inner and outer worlds.

Here’s a few photos of our journey from Milan, to Lake Como (Bellagio), Brescia to visit friends, Cinque Terre, Florence, Pescara (my father’s heritage and homeland), Naples and Sicily (Syracuse and Taormina).

I’ve pulled out a couple of stories too…

[VIDEO PICTURED ABOVE/RIGHT] Papà Giuseppe’s VLOG chapter 1-3 from Lake Como..... you asked for it... Do yourself a favour and empower your dad with some simple social media techniques 😂🤦🏼‍♀️👍 #caketime

Paisley Madison Rapattoni.jpg

Leonetta, my Nonno’s 93yo sister. She’s a strong independent single woman - always has and always will be. She’s sharp and funny AF and I wonder why she’s never married... she says, the good looking ones never liked her back and she was too good for the ugly ones 😂. She shares stories of kindness - little moments she remembers that touched her because she wants us to feel something worthy. She has lots of pain in her body... well, she knows she should but she hasn’t felt it for years .... she thinks of herself as 25 and suddenly, everything is easy! She believes in God, she eats food from her own garden and drinks wine (water is for washing). She’s “not done with life yet” and I couldn’t agree more! 💪🇮🇹 #forzanonna #womenpower - she gave me this blanket, she made from hand, it took her a year... what a woman!

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