Thinking things

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Tell me how the world began, before science, before the bang.
Tell me what happens when I die, where do I go, up in the sky?
Tell me, cancer, why r u here? Advancements made and nothing’s clear.
And what is age, what is the point? How many years in this joint?
Why do some love, why do some hate? From entry point ‘til golden gate.
What are dreams and what is sleep? Black out, wake up and then repeat.
Why do we move forwards, why can’t we go back? What keeps the illusion of time intact?
Why is ice slippery, what is glass? How long does a proton live, and why do I pass?
Why do we bother, why do we ask? Why don’t we know, why can’t we grasp?

LOL lazy rhyming from an overactive mind. Can’t be unread. Haha 😛🖖

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