One love stand

paisley madison

This scrib is about falling in love with strangers… or even your friends for that matter.

Ever get those moments when you meet someone in passing and just fall in love even though you know you’ll never see them again?

I don’t believe love is reserved for long-term commitments. I think it should be given up in the first moments of contact. To fall in love is to be honest, vulnerable, secure in the self, confident, passionate and fun! To be in love, is to connect to another unconditionally, without judgement. Love without expectation, desperation and attachment. Be your own person, in love.

One love stand.

I almost walk past you, ignore you…

But something happens – for some reason we connect.

I’m fascinated by you.

There’s a physical attraction but more than that…

There’s a depth in you I recognise in myself.

I want to explore.

You give me your attention.

And now I’m completely immersed.

I feel like I give it up too quick, but I don’t know if you notice.

And I don’t think I care.

Can you feel me surrender?

Everyone around us fades away.

As though, this enough.

And just like that, I am in love.



Completely in that feeling, in that space we call love, whatever that is.

There’s no need for anything else.

There’s silence between us.

There’s really nothing left to say.

I wait for you to speak. You say nothing.

Something happens in that moment of silence.

I realise the connection isn’t lost, but rather it’s made.

I look around us.

Our landscape in HD. More vivid, textured, colourful, macroscopic, magnificent.

We lock eyes. You like it too.

I can’t quite figure out why I feel like that, when I look at you.

I’m nervous and excited. I feel shy and embarrassed.

It feels strong, too strong, too obvious, too forward.

You make me known to myself.

Without words, without touch.

I witness myself through you.

You’re a stranger to me.

We use humour to familiarise ourselves.

I’m laughing at you, then with you, then at me - around you.

I test your intelligence, your IQ, your EQ.

First the eyes, then the mouth.

You smile, you’re confident.

And just like that, I give myself up completely.

I barely know you, but I trust you.

I tell you things,

I want you to tell me more, give it up.

Tell me something you think I’ll hate – something you think will scare me off.

I want to do the same.

I love you more.

Different expressions of something similar.

I like the way you live your version of Me.

I see things in you I have mastered before – reflections of my past. Like you’re catching up to experiences I’ve already lived.

You tell me things that are new – I feel young. I realise there’s more to learn.

You humble me.

Something to exchange – if we stay here long enough.

I perceive myself, I hear myself more clearly.

Time slows down.

My words echo in the bubble we’ve formed… I don’t want to sound stupid.

My actions are so obvious …I almost feel awkward to move.

I cannot hide.

I am seen. Naked, literally, figurately.

I wonder how you experience this moment –

Who am I, to you?

Do you feel what I feel?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe I’ll never see you again.

The respect is mutual.

A reason, a season, a life-time….

A figure of my imagination.

Something to remember, to recall.

Something to keep love in motion, in my being.

This love is my creation, my perception.

My awareness, my existence, through you and with you.

Thanks, for that.

For being a mirror, for being a magnet.

Hopeful romantics, on the run!

Different people, different places.

Different days, different depths.

Different sensations, same conclusion:

To live, is to love.


Paisley MadisonComment