5 ways not to be used


Feel like I’m forever learning to take my own advice 😄... a reminder to trust my gut instinct, especially when it comes to relationships - friends, lovers and business.

👉1. Look for reoccurring patterns - life lessons on repeat! Carry a sense of detachment to observe the higher lesson and then MOVE ON! Signs to look for: repeating the same old stories, feeling a situation is a mirror image of the past but with different people in different places & getting involved in gossip.

👉2. When you’re an optimist it’s easy to see the good in people, even when things are shite house. What you see is what you get - right now.

👉3. That gut feeling ... 99% accurate. Follow it. When you get a ‘feeling’ or ‘flashback memory’ about a certain situation/person - it’s your brain making an association between experiences. I.e. You meet Maria and she instantly reminds you of Jodie (who was a totes bitch), chances are Maria is also a bitch. 😂 excuse my very basic example, but you get the point.

👉4. We are worthy - no matter what. Don’t let people project their shit on you. When you know WHO you are (all your amazing good parts) you become aware of others trying to cast blame, bad moods and insecurities onto you. It’s not personal, don’t take it. By standing true they’ll realise (hopefully) it’s their attitude and we can all move on.

👉5. Integrity comes from self worth/ self love. Don’t get slack, don’t settle. Know your greatness, feel your depth, trust yourself.

Paisley MadisonComment