Psychic or psycho?


Hi, my name is Paisley and I'm into spirituality...............

*room goes deathly silent*

...............It has been seven months since my last psychic reading and I just wanted to share with you guys that I've made a full integration back into society and I'm feeling more grounded than ever.

Okay, so I'm taking the piss, a little. But there is some truth in this - and I wanted to share with you my thoughts and experience with psychics. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, I encourage you to share your ideas and experiences in the comments below. 

Psychic or psycho? 

In a previous blog titled, 'How to predict your future' I discussed the idea of choice and how we each have the ability to create our future consciously, rather than anticipate it helplessly. 

If this is true and life is forever evolving,  how is it possible for psychics to have the ability to foretell our fate? 

Entering adulthood, I couldn't stand the idea of waiting for life to unfold - I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do, and how I needed to do it!

And so, in an attempt to uncover my future I paid top dollar to sit in-front of international mediums, Sunday-market-psychics and even sought out semi-English-speaking tarot readers in temples while travelling the world. 

It was a very straightforward process - I asked questions and they gave me the answers. And yes, I'd say 85% of my readings were accurate, with only a few minor confusions and plot twists...

But over time I started to feel like the psychics were sending me psycho! Having 'the answers' seemed to mess things up. I started to change my plans to suit my 'predicted life' and it just created more confusion. 

I was so caught up living in the future that I found it hard to be present in each moment. I started doubting myself and making decisions from my rattled, subconscious mind rather than my heart. 

Thank God for the epic, grounded, level-headed friends in my life - who were quick to bring me back down to planet Earth - "JUST RELAX!! YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW IT ALL - GO WITH YOUR GUT, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, HAVE FUN - EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE."

And so, I did. I let go of expectations, I shelved the predictions and surrendered to the magic of each moment. And yes, it's a funny feeling when those predictions manifest, but I don’t let them take over. Rather, I observe them like thoughts – let them come and go – like little seeds to get me thinking differently about my day and the potential of where my choices might take me.

I believe we all have the ability to possess psychic ability if we chose to develop our intuition. It’s actually a shame we rely on others for this skill rather than developing it within ourselves. Open your heart, open your mind - but never lose yourself to anyone or anything! (Thanks, for that pearler Melaney Ryan!). 

Long story short, here is what I learnt: 

  1. Psychics/ clairvoyants are legit. However, some are absolute frauds. This is no different to any other business model. As I'm sure you already know, the good ones don't dress is velvet robes, wear giant hoop earrings and read crystal balls... Be discerning, ask questions about their experiences - how they developed their skills and how it works.
  2. Your 'story' is not your Truth. In my experience, the good psychics don't need to hear you rant on about your 'story' to give you an honest answer. Your story about - "who did what and when it happened and how it made you feel, 'cos so-and-so is manipulating and you feel betrayed because.................." - is actually a distraction. An honest talent can channel truth through your eyes, a thought, a feeling or a picture. You asked their advice so speak less - listen and feel more. 
  3. Tarot cards reveal your intentions. Energy follows intent - so whatever your intentions are when you shuffle that deck of cards - so will be the image, quote or lesson presented before your eyes. This is no different to asking a question and turning on the radio to receive 'the answer'. Signs and clues are always all around us! Tarot cards, Angel cards and the like are intuitive tools to help us understand our true intentions. But be careful you don't apply too much Will or you'll throw the whole thing off. 
  4. Truthful people aren't trying to fool you - only you can do that. Ask and you shall receive. Be prepared to receive honest truths when you ask for them. Be prepared to take action. Once you know better, you're kidding yourself to pretend otherwise. 
  5. Know yourself when you mingle with magicThe universe will test you on how well you know yourself... especially if you're asking someone else 'who you are.' Know your truth and what you value most. Take time each day to review your conduct and reflect on your life. Keep true friends who know who you really are and friends who have known you for a long time. Because when shit hits the fans - that's all you got. 
  6. Your future is only a prediction. A few years ago, I remember leaving a reading feeling deflated after hearing an absolute mediocre version of my future life. I'll spare you the details but I remember thinking there had to be some way to ENSURE this didn't happen. So, I took action and stepped up to vision a better version of myself. And sure enough - that prediction never came true (when it definitely could have!). Your destiny may be set in stone but HOW you choose to reach this destiny (and how many lives it will take) is up to you! Like the quantum physicists say, there are limitless multiple versions of reality, stretching out into infinity for all of eternity. 

So, based on the choices you've made lately - what is your predicted future? Don't like where you're headed? ........ expand your knowledge, try new things, be inspired, demand the truth from yourself, be around honest people, practise meditation and cultivate self-awareness. 

And most of all, have NO DOUBT you will reach your destiny in this lifetime.