Corporate Meditation

Meditation for business, club members, sporting groups, schools and more!

Paisley taking a mediation class with the Uber Experts at the Uber Greenlight Hub in Perth

Paisley taking a mediation class with the Uber Experts at the Uber Greenlight Hub in Perth

Meditation is undeniably one of THE greatest methods of self-care.

The ongoing practice of meditation also initiates a process of looking inwardly rather than just outwardly for acceptance and self realisation. The word action may not be first thing that comes to mind in considering stillness but the choice to connect with stillness is an action in itself.

ITA Learn To Meditate explores meditation through the ITA understanding of energy.

In short, ITA holds that all things within this world including human beings are made up of energy. When we understand, even at the most basic level how the human energy system works, we can work with it to improve our overall state of wellbeing.

ITA Learn to Meditate is designed to give you an awareness of the core dynamics at play in meditation and provide you with first hand experience of a broad range of styles, techniques and tools so that you can choose which approach is best for you. From there you will have everything you need to build an ongoing meditation practice of your own.

Everyone can and does meditate in their own way. What we do in the ITA Learn To Meditate course is show you how to become fully conscious of this ability, so you can make the most of it in each moment.

Meditation is well researched and acknowledged by health and medical professionals.

Manage work-load, increase creativity, reduce fatigue, stabilise emotions, gain mental clarity and improve morale.

Uber is always looking for ways to ensure that our staff are in a great mental space at work as we can deal stressful work loads and difficult situations at times. Our team has benefited hugely from Paisley’s meditat.png


Breathing techniques for achieving:

  • Clarity

  • Relaxation

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Postural and movement techniques to help you become:

  • Grounded

  • Connected

  • Responsive rather than reactive

Mindful awareness and ITA techniques that let you:

  • Turn any task into a meditation

  • View life as a spiritual practice

  • Connect with your inner stillness in any moment

How it works

The course content is eight (8) hours and can be run in a variety of different ways:

  • Before or after work

  • Lunchtime sessions

  • Half day or full day workshops

  • Retreat facilitation

Price is $120 per person (minimum 10 persons, venue not included) SAVE 33%

Students and staff have an opportunity to become part of a local meditation community here in Perth and online who meet fortnightly, as well as access to meditation recordings and additional wellness resources.

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